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Digital Gratitude Bundle - Pink

Digital Gratitude Bundle - Pink

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Are you ready to build better habits in being grateful?

It is SO easy to complain about our circumstances, and miss the amazing gifts God has placed around us. Even the Israelites watched God perform miracle after miracle and still chose to complain. I know I personally tend to focus on the negative around me, but I wanted that to change!

So I began spending time at the end of everyday asking God to reveal where He was in the hard circumstances. My favorite revelation came after a doctor visit around 10 weeks of my pregnancy. The doctor searched for a heartbeat, but couldn't find one. I had my two-year-old with me at this appointment, and I was fighting back tears, because I didn't want her to be upset. I tried to reassure myself that I had already walked through two miscarriages, so I could do it again.

Before my mind fell completely into worst-case-scenario mode the doctor returned to tell me they had the ultrasound ready. I grabbed my things and guided my daughter into the darkened room. As soon as the wand hit my belly there was our sweet baby girl kicking, rolling, and just being busy. She was fine. That night as I prayed, I realized that God had already orchestrated the entire day. I didn't have to wait or walk to their other building for an ultrasound, because God made sure the one closest to me was available.

As I have continued this habit of praying at the end of my day, and looking for God's hand, I know that the Holy Spirit is helping me to seek the positives throughout my future days. My desire with this bundle is to help you also see how God is working for your good even through the hard by the help of the Holy Spirit.


.: What's Inside

• 18 worksheets
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly worksheets
• Journal pages
• Gratefulness prompts
• Tools to grow your gratefulness
• and MORE!


.: Other Options

This bundle of worksheets will allow you to build your habits at your own pace. If you would like to see a sample click here.

This bundle is also available in blue. If you would prefer that color option click here.


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